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As a mum of two, my most cherished photos are those from the births of my children. I can remember the sounds, the smells, and the feelings in vivid detail every time I look at them. In fact, if my house caught on fire, I'd grab those photos right after scooping up my kids and running for safety. They're that valuable to me and, I hope, will be that valuable someday to my children.

Giving birth is a monumental, life-defining process. It changes everything - your body, your relationships, your emotions, your perspective and certainly your day-to-day routine. I am passionate about birth and particularly, home birth. There is an authenticity in labour that can’t be matched, can't be faked, and to document another woman going through that rite of passage is an incredible honour. I find that a labouring woman isn't always aware of what's going on around her and when retelling her birth story, it's much like a dream where certain parts are hazy or difficult to recall. And that's where I come in as your birth photographer.

I am intimately acquainted with the needs of a labouring woman, both as a mom myself and having attended a number of births.  In particular, the mum-to-be must be allowed to labour in peace; quietly supported and undisturbed by her birth team. As you and your partner concentrate on bringing your baby into the world, I will discreetly document the process in a tasteful yet honest way. Whether it's just you and your husband or an entire birth team and extended family, I welcome the opportunity to work with your support team while also being careful to stay out of the way. As a result, you will have a visual story that shows the incredible effort, support, and love that helped bring your baby into the world.


FIRST Let’s talk! I want you to be completely comfortable with me before going into labour. We'll Connect via email or phone and if you feel like I'm good fit, we'll meet for coffee and I'll answer any questions you may have. Once I receive your payment and signed client agreement, I will block off two weeks before and after your guess date to be on call for your birth. In order to avoid missing a birth, I only book one birth session a month so be sure to contact me early in your pregnancy to avoid disappointment.

NEXT Around 35 weeks, we'll meet for a pre-consultation to discuss your birth plan, the types of photos you would like (and any you don't want), and any other questions you may need answered in order to ensure you are confident going forward. I am an encourager by nature so I hope you'll leave our pre-consult feeling like you can conquer anything! As you near your guess date, I will have my camera bag at the ready and my phone with me at all times, waiting for your call.

THEN Once labor begins, you will give me a call so I can make the necessary arrangements on my end. I will join you once you reach active labour (5 to 6cm dilated). We will designate a member of your birth team to CALL me when this happens. Many times, this transition occurs in the middle of the night so a phone call ensures that I'm awake and getting in the car to meet you. I will stay until baby is born and about an hour afterward to get photos of you bonding, breastfeeding, and all the other little details that change so quickly.

AFTER This is my very favourite part of birth photography - presenting your gallery! I will come to you (as you've just had a baby and should be basking in all that newborn goodness). We'll view your gallery together and probably laugh, cry and gasp a LOT at what an incredible job you did bringing your baby to earth. Many times, my mums will share their perspective on the birth during our gallery viewing and it's such a gift to listen to them process this enormous event in their life. You may be surprised at how powerful you look, when inside, you felt very vulnerable. Birth is magical like that.

At the post-session, you'll select your favorite images to be included in an album, as matted prints, or wall art for purchase. You will also receive a link to your password-protected online gallery where you can share your images with family and friends. I'll probably gush about how gorgeous and perfect your new baby is (because they will be, obviously) and generally tell you what a superwoman you are!

Birth Sessions are bookable with a £900 retainer fee.

Discounts available when you book both Birth and Storytelling sessions. 

For a complete price and product listing, email 

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