By Tove Hansen

Hygge looks different for everyone but it's meaning is the same. It's a sense of happiness and warmth that most often is experienced in the company of those you love. For me, it's a day out exploring a new village, eating scones and drinking tea, listening to my children make each other giggle, and holding my husband's hand. It's feeling like my heart could burst out of my chest because I love these people so fiercely.

Maybe for you, it's a bowl of popcorn, your favorite movie, and the whole family cuddled up on the couch. It could even be a nice lie in on a Saturday morning followed by a proper English breakfast and a leisurely walk through the countryside. That's the great thing about hygge - it can be experienced through the simple pleasures in life. And if those things make you joyful, why not preserve that joy through natural, candid family photographs?

Many people save professional photography for a special occasion - for when they have time to dress nicely and find a pretty place or have lost those last few pesky pounds. But friends. LIFE is the special occasion. Seriously. So get the photos, capture the hygge and adorn your space with those precious memories so you can enjoy them every day.

Storytelling Sessions are bookable with a £250 retainer fee and include up to 3 hours coverage plus a £50 print credit.

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