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Hi! I'm Tove (rhymes with Nova). I'm a proud mama to two hilarious little people and lucky wife of a very patient man who graciously does the majority of the cooking. I was a Graphic Designer and Art Director for eight years before trading it all in to take care of our babies. Lack of sleep and an international relocation moved my need for creativity down the priority list, but it never left me completely. Working with talented photographers during my time as an Art Director sparked my interest in capturing beautiful things. And with two little muses constantly at my feet and ready for their close up, I found a new passion. Life is happening all around us, and if we're not deliberate about enjoying it, we'll suddenly find these days have passed us by. My goal is to capture life as it is in a particular period of time. It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. In fact, I think perfection is overrated. Real is beautiful and that's what I endeavor to document through my lens.

Curious to know where my name comes from or see some of my favorite personal photos? Head over to my blog to get the full scoop!


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